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Premium Web Hosting: WordPress and VPS with Celery Agency

Discover hosting excellence with Celery Agency, where exceptional performance meets foolproof security. Our hosting services WordPress hosting and VPS are designed to provide speed, reliability and security, using advanced technologies such as CloudPanel.

Con una infraestructura optimizada para WordPress y soluciones VPS personalizables, garantizamos que tu sitio web esté siempre activo, seguro y cargando a la velocidad del rayo, permitiéndote concentrarte en lo que mejor sabes hacer: hacer crecer tu negocio.

Description of the service

We specialize in delivering a superior hosting experience, with solutions ranging from managed WordPress hosting to powerful VPS servers. Our focus is on cutting-edge security, backed by technologies like CloudPanel, and performance optimization to ensure fast load times and consistent availability. With Celery Agency, you get the peace of mind of hosting that not only meets the needs of your website, but also protects it against online threats.

We understand the importance of a reliable and always available service. That's why our hosting is built on a robust and scalable infrastructure that supports your website's growth without interruption. Our technical support team is always available to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly, keeping your website up and running at all times.


Plans and Pricing

Hosting WordPress y VPS Cloud

Do you need a hosting solution for your brand or business?

Ideal if you are just starting out and need a quick solution.

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Hosting Website Pro

Ideal for small and medium-sized companies.

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Custom VPS Cloud Hosting

Ideal for larger projects and technical requirements.

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Join Celery Agency today and discover how our WordPress hosting and VPS can transform your online presence. With state-of-the-art technology, uptime guarantee and a team ready to assist you, we are here to make your web experience exceptional. 

Start your journey to hassle-free, high-performance hosting now.

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NVMe storage is like an ultra-fast superhighway for your computer's data. Unlike traditional hard drives, which operate like single-lane highways and can cause data "bottlenecks" (making your computer slower), NVMe allows data to travel across many lanes at the same time, meaning everything on your computer can run much faster, from booting up your system to loading games and programs.

A hosting, or web hosting service, is like the place where your website is stored on the Internet, so that other people can visit it. Imagine that your website is a store and the hosting is the building where that store is located.

This "building" is actually on servers, which are very powerful computers connected to the internet 24 hours a day, ensuring that your website is always available to anyone who wants to visit it. When you pay for a hosting service, you are basically renting space on these servers to store all your website files, such as text, images and code.

It is like renting a place in a shopping mall for your business, but in the digital world. The hosting makes sure that your "store" is open all the time and people can enter from anywhere in the world just by typing your web address.

To facilitate your purchases and offer you the greatest possible convenience, we have implemented a variety of payment methods to suit different needs and geographic locations. Here is a list of the available options:

To facilitate your purchases and offer you the greatest possible convenience, we have implemented a variety of payment methods to suit different needs and geographic locations. Here is a list of the available options:

- Zelle: Ideal for quick transactions within the United States.
- PayPal: A global option for secure online payments.
- Wise: Perfect for our customers in Europe who wish to make payments in EUR.
- Interac: Available in Canada for direct and convenient payments.
- Payoneer: For a wide range of international transactions.
- Binance (USDT): A modern option for those who prefer cryptocurrencies.
- Banco Santander: For local transactions in Chile.

Each of these methods has been selected to provide you with flexibility and security when making your payments, ensuring that you find an option that perfectly fits your needs.

If you decide to purchase our hosting service, we will help you move your website from where it is currently hosted to our service, without charging you anything extra. Think of it as a complete moving service for your website, where we take care of packing up all your pages, data and anything else important, and carefully move them to their new digital home at our hosting. We do this whole process for free, as an added benefit for choosing us, making sure your transition is smooth and hassle-free.