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Connecting Continents: The Celery Agency Global Story

Since our founding in Santiago, Chile as Devlweb Digital Solutions SpA in 2019 and through our evolution to Celery Agency in 2023, we have expanded our global footprint to more than ten countries. 

With presence in United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, England, Canada, Spain, Austria, Australia, Greece and Germany, our international reach allows us to capture a wide variety of perspectives and offer a service enriched by diverse cultures and approaches. 

This expansion reflects our success and the trust that customers around the world place in our ability to provide advanced and adaptive digital solutions.

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Our Pillars: Values that Define Celery Agency

At Celery Agency, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the digital space, creating websites, apps, and e-commerce solutions that not only meet, but exceed expectations.

We prioritize innovation, quality and collaboration, the foundations that drive our search for exceptional solutions. These values are the essence of our identity and the driving force behind our success.

Our vision

Driving Digital Success

We are dedicated to turning ideas into impactful digital solutions, continuously improving to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.
Our Mission

Driving Digital Transformations

Our mission is to empower each client, transforming bold ideas into digital realities that lead and define markets.
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Meet the Team

We are a group of professionals passionate about what we do...
Rafael Azuaje

Founder & CEO

Karla Galicia


María Escobar

Creative Director

David Rosas

BackEnd Developer

Angel Espinoza

FrontEnd Developer

Nellymar Gutiérrez

WordPress Developer

Carlib Gómez

Web Designer

Wilfredo Sulbarán

WordPress Developer