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Customized Digital Solutions: Web Development, Apps and Automation for All Types of Businesses

At Celery Agency, we specialize in providing customized digital solutions ranging from web and application development to advanced automations and integrations, designed to meet the specific needs of small, medium and large businesses. Our focus is on creating digital tools that not only improve operational efficiency, but also drive growth and innovation in all types of organizations.

By combining our technical expertise with a deep understanding of business needs, we offer solutions that are both strategic and technologically advanced.

We offer

Services created for each type of project

Web Development

We create custom and template-based websites using effective tools such as WordPress and Webflow.


Online retail solutions using the world's most widely used platforms such as Shopify and Woo

Web Systems and Mobile Apps Development

Creation of apps and web systems with technologies like React & NodeJS

Automations and Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We automate and create chatbots with AI to optimize your company's processes.

CRMs + Cross-platform integrations

We install and configure CRMs to streamline the organization and productivity of your company.

Web Hosting for WordPress and Web Projects

High speed and robust security hosting for WordPress, tailored to your projects and budgets

We master the Leading Tools and Technologies to Innovate in Web Development

We use tools like Shopify, Webflow and WordPress, and technologies like React and Node.js to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Our commitment to excellence allows us to create robust, dynamic platforms tailored to your needs.

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WordPress Web Hosting and Technical Support

Expand your business capabilities with our additional services including high-speed web hosting, specialized WordPress support and custom CRM marketing systems. Ensure performance, management and continued growth with our expertise and dedicated technical support.
High Performance Web Hosting.
Do you need to host your project in the cloud? We offer you advanced web hosting.
Priority Web Support

Our support team is available to ensure that your project scales without challenges.


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Increase the productivity and sales of your business with this powerful management tool.

If you need assistance or web support you can contact us by phone call and via Whatsapp.